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March 2012


New Scanning  & Viewing Application

Development completed on scanning, viewing and barcode deciphering software application.

MDR Medical Systems, is pleased to confirm the successful development and testing of its scanning, viewing and barcode deciphering application.

MDR-ScanIT was initially designed to meet the needs of the Pathology and Radiology health sector however speed,
accuracy and flexibility of MDR-ScanIT has already demonstrated its suitability well beyond the health sector.

MDR-ScanIT can be seamlessly interfaced with MDR-Bill or used as a stand alone document storage, retrieval and
viewing application.

The accuracy and quality of displayed images provides enormous benefits allowing images to be viewed from any
workstation within the organisation including remote users.

The opportunities for MDR-ScanIT are expanding with interest being shown by the Health Sector and wider Business community on a daily basis.
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