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October 2017


Dial a Home Doctor Accepts Medical Billing System Solution

MDR Medical Systems is delighted to announce Dial a Home Doctor (Brisbane Qld.) confirmed MDR-Bill will serve as the services billing solution.

Dial a Home Doctor has also accepted MDR-Bill to serve the billing requirements of its other associated business,
Dial a Local Doctor, MedVisit Adelaide & Western Australia After Hours

Mark Richardson (CEO) and the MDR team are delighted to announce this new partnership and are looking forward to working with D
ial a Home Doctor closely over the coming months and years.

The software includes
interfaces with their OOBER booking systems, facilitating the efficient transfer of data, timely lodgement of claims and ultimately faster payment.

MDR Medical Systems is a privately owned medical software company providing cutting-edge technology and software to the Australian Medical Industry and is delighted to be able to support D
ial a Home Doctor and their associated businesses.

Visit Dial a Home Doctor
website for more details.
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