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Medical Purchaser Provider Agreements (MPPA)

What is an MPPA?
An MPPA (Medical Purchaser Provider Agreement) is a ‘no gap’ contract negotiated between a health fund and a diagnostic service provider for in hospital pathology and radiology services. Once an MPPA is in place, benefits payable by the health fund to the diagnostic services provider are at or above the Medicare Benefits Schedule for pathology and/or radiology services as specified in the MPPA.

An MPPA is designed to eliminate medical gaps for health fund members and provide funding certainty for providers..

What are the benefits of an MPPA?

·         Receive Medicare and participating health fund payments in one simple transaction

·         The potential to reduce administration costs by eliminating the need for direct patient billing

·         Provide your eligible patients with a ‘no gap’ experience, thus reducing related billing enquiries

·         The potential to reduce your aged and bad debts with payments made directly via EFT

Who can apply for an MPPA?

·         Diagnostic services providers - pathology and radiology services

·         Hospitals, both private and public

·         Medical Billing Agents who represent providers of pathology and radiology services.

The MDR Medical Systems team understands the complexities and time required in negotiating with individual funds. We have extensive experience and are able to assist with initial and renewal contract negotiations.

The MDR Medical Systems team is happy to help any service provider with their MPPA negotiations.

Please call either Sharon (0418 531729) or Mark (0407 705258) for more details.
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